Monday, July 29, 2013

Let's Make A Deal - The Game Show Experience

Amanda (one of my bridesmaids) and I went to a Bridal Expo in the beginning of June at the Orange County Fairgrounds. One of the booths at this event was for tickets to the TV game show, Let's Make A Deal. We signed up and got offered tickets three weeks later.

I got a call from Nina at LMAD Guest Services asking me if I would be interested in going to a taping on July 27th, 2013 at noon.  I accepted the tickets and she advised me that the ticket was good for me and 9 other people. I told her my bridesmaids would be joining me and she was ecstatic. She let me know that the show loves brides and bridal parties she then proceeded to tell me that we had to dress wacky and over-the-top with veils, diamonds, beads, boas, etc.After she gave me some ideas on what to wear, she told me that they also love fans of Wayne Brady (I had never seen LMAD with Wayne, but I LOVE Who's Line Is It Anyway because of him). Nina then conducted a 60 second interview where I had to tell her about myself. Let's just say that it did not go very well. Being put on the spot makes me extremely nervous. I totally sounded boring ("I like to read, scrapbook, play softball..."). She let me know that the producers are looking for wild and crazy people to be contestants.

When I hung up with Nina, I told all of my girls that this would be our first official bridal party outing. Once everyone was in (even my future SIL, Emily who lives in Arizona), I started to research the show. Ciara (another one of my bridesmaids) found the Yelp review and we started writing down tips on what to do and what not to do once we got there. Next, we had to decide what to wear. We finally decided to wear t-shirts, leggings and tutus. At first I wanted it to be my wedding theme: 09/20/2014, Future Mrs. Ledesma, Team Bride, etc., but then I remembered what Nina had told me about what the producers were looking for.That is when we created this masterpiece in Windows Paint:

I found a clip art of a bride and groom for our bodies and I went to IMDB for a good picture of Wayne. I used my engagement picture to get my head. It took a lot of work, but I saved it on my flash drive and drove down to The Outlets at Orange where I bought a white tee at Wet Seal and had Imagine That Graphics screen print the picture onto my tee. It literally took the girl 10 minutes to finish my shirt and it was only $25 + tax for an 8 X 10 inch image in color.

When my shirt was done, I headed to a T-Shirt store to pick up pink shirts for the girls and then to Michael's Arts and Crafts to get fabric paint, paint brushes, a bride-to-be crown, a garter and tulle for my veil. The next day, all of the girls, (Kaitlyn, Amanda, and Ciara) came over to write on their shirts with fabric paint. On the front, they wrote 'Bridesmaid' (Kaitlyn wrote 'Maid of Honor') and the back they all put 'Team Mrs. Brady'. In the picture above, I have the words typed, because I was going to have them printed on my t-shirt along with the picture, but it was a little pricey. I wrote on the front of mine with pink paint as shown above.
The night before the show, I finished up the back of the t-shirts which read 'Team Mrs. Brady' and mine said 'Future Mrs. Brady.' I also made a poster imitating a marriage certificate. (You'll see that later)  

Saturday morning, the day of, Ciara, Emily and I get up to start getting ready while Kaitlyn and Amanda are meeting my place since I am driving. We all get ready and head out, but first we take a ton of pictures, courtesy of the fiancé! They aren't the most flattering pictures, but whatever, we had fun taking them at 8 AM on a Saturday morning.

Before we hit the freeway, we stopped at Walgreen's for snacks, cards (UNO and Regular) and alcohol (champagne, orange juice and Bud-Light Straw-beer-itas). We piled back into the car and headed to LA.  It was about a 35 minute drive from Anaheim to LA, which wasn't too bad. We laughed and joked the entire way there, making the drive feel like it was 15 minutes. When we got off the freeway at about 9:40 AM, we used our Yelp notes to find a place to park. We parked right across the street in a residential neighborhood. We got out and started tail-gating. We made mimosas and drank some of our Straw-beer-itas. We skipped breakfast on the way, so we were feeling the affects. Luckily, Arby's was across the street, so we had a beef and cheddar brunch and headed back to the car. Amanda and I walked toward a line that was wrapped around the building to ask what time they would be taking people for the 12 o' clock. We asked the worker and she formed a new line beginning with us! :) First in line, the other girls met us in line.

From there is where the fun began. Again using the advice from Yelpers and Nina, we started dancing and singing and being BUCKWILD! (we use that a lot!) We stood in line being buckwild for about 2 hours until the producers of the show came out and gave us paperwork to fill out. We got our numbers, name tags and we gave our 15 second interview that consisted of my number, name, where I am from, what I do for a living and what I do for fun. Screaming at the top of my lungs, I said "I am number 5, my name is Trinity Sarmiento, I am from Anaheim California, I am an HR Process Specialist, and when I am not walking my buns *shakes butt* off for boobs *points to boobs* at the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, I am planning my wedding!" About 10 minutes after the interview, we went through security (no phones allowed in) and into the 'Tent.' It was a large tent that had 200 seats, a TV with music blaring out of it, costume rentals, a picture station with a green screen and an office space.

Being the first people in, we had our pictures taken for LMAD records and we proceeded to the group and individual photo station. We had to pretend we "just won a boat" and he captured our expressions. I took a photo by myself with my marriage certificate.

We sat down and did another 2 hours of buckwildness, singing and dancing, cheering and playing cards. We made friends, who we played NINJA and BULLSHIT (we changed the name to ZONK) with. Finally, a lady came out and gave us the scoop on how the loading process was going to be and the do's and dont's of the show. When she finished she loaded us into the studio by numerical number (thank God we got there early and were the first ones in). It took 20 minutes to fill the studio with 200 people. While we were waiting we were singing and dancing to the music playing and we got our final picture taken.

That is all for now, please come back mid-November to see a clip of us in the audience. ;)

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